Dear Friend,

This is a collection of my favourite songs recorded in the last 10 years, from the moment that my adventure with music brought me from Italy to Canada, India, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, the United States, South Africa, Mexico, China, Hong Kong, Australia, England, Portugal, Greece, Germany, Russia and several other countries.

I was born and grew up in Italy, coming from a small family of hard-working parents in Tuscany, a land of medieval castles, farmers and small businesses, where to become a professional singer was an almost impossible dream.

My first encounter with music was at three months old, when I was hospitalized for health problems and when I heard my grandmother’s voice singing simple lullabies to calm and comfort me… from that moment music touched my heart.

I grew up as a shy, insecure, sensitive and spiritual child and I wanted to become a social worker to help people in need. At the age of 17, as a volunteer with the church, I joined the choir and that same night, to my surprise, I discovered a hidden voice inside of me like a raw diamond that I needed to clean, protect, develop and unveil, to let it shine and illuminate my life.

Like many of us, I lived the highs and lows of life and worked very hard inside and outside of me to transform my life and pursue my quest to fulfill the deep missions and desires of my heart and soul. My parents wanted me to become a lawyer, and I tried to please them, but my heart needed to sing. Following my studies in law and music, practicing and teaching yoga, working with handicapped children and working at my parent’s store, at the age of twenty-seven I met Maurice (the man who became my manager, my husband and the father of my child). I left Italy, my family and friends for Montreal, in Canada, where my dream of music started to become a reality… I didn’t know English or French then, and it was not very easy to rebuild my roots, but my focus was to sing for and touch millions of hearts all over the world.

Now, after having recorded 5 albums, worked with the best symphony orchestras and musicians, shared the stage with great artists, traveled in so many different countries, sung in amazing events with millions of spectators watching, fought to protect and maintain my pure intent in music, lived amazing and also very difficult experiences, become a mother of my precious daughter Crystal, I am here to present to you my first collection of songs and my Voice, that which allows me to fly so high and to express my heart.

Thank you for sharing with me the magic of music...
What was just a dream, is now my reality.

With love,



Hello my dear friends,

Thank you for visiting my web site ...after a beautiful summer and a very busy autumn full of travel and concerts in Italy, China, Taiwan and Quebec, Canada I am back to myself...ready to leave again for another travel and following the directions of the Universe.

I feel and believe that many changes are happening around the world, sometimes are very cruel like the floodings that happened in Italy in the home town where I grew up and where my parents live, and sometimes are very beautiful like the waking up of counsciousness in people around the world.

I realized that after many years where I searched to be approved and I tried to convince people working in the music industry about my ideas and my spiritual values, I am realizing right now that


Free to sing what I feel, Free to say what I believe, Free to be myself and to honor the little girl that I was and that is inside of me with her pure vision of a world where differences are a celebration of the many different faces of Love.

This for me is Success.

I ask and pray GOD, (that for me has many faces and speaks many languages), my SOUL, the UNIVERSE , the FORCE that moves the Stars to help me and to guide every day of my life, to live fully my missions and to be more and more connected with Light and Love ...I wish the same for you ...if that will make you happy.

Yours truly,



Ciao miei cari amici,

grazie di prendere il tempo di visitare il mio sito web...dopo una bellissima estate e un autunno molto impegnato fatto di concerti e viaggi in Cina, Taiwan e Quebec Canada, sono ritornata dentro di me....pronta fra poco a ripartire .

Sento e credo che stiamo attraversando un periodo di grandi cambiamenti, a volte dolorosi come l alluvione che ha distrutto Aulla, la citta dove sono cresciuta e dove i miei genitori e mia sorella ancora vivono e , a volte meravigliosi cambiamenti come il risveglio di coscenze e l apertura dei cuori di tante persone.

Per me e un periodo molto importante nel quale dopo anni di lotte per affermare le mie idee e proteggere i miei valori personali e spirituali nel mondo professionale della musica dove spesso sembra che solo l apperenza sia vincente ,mi rendo conto di essere finalmente libera.

Libera di non dovere piu lottare per affermare cio in cui credo ma di viverlo.

Libera di cantare cio che sento,libera di dire cio in cui credo e libera di onorare la piccola Giorgia dentro di me con la sua pura visione di un mondo in cui le differenze vengono celebrate .

Chiedo e prego DIO , che per me ha differenti visi e parla differenti lingue, la mia Anima, l Universo e la Forza che muove le stelle e ci aiuta a creare un bambino dentro il ventre di una madre, di guidarmi ogni giorno affinche io possa vivere pienamente le mie missioni e affinche possa essere ogni giorno di piu in connessione con la Luce e l Amore.....spero lo stesso per te questo ti puo rendere felice.

Sinceramente con affetto,



JULY 19, 2011

Hello my dear friends,

How are you?

I am in Italy at this moment for some holidays and some is so nice to come back in the country where I was born and spent my childhood and teenage is a time of reconnecting and of honoring my past, with the beautiIful and less beautiful memories. All that we lived made us like we are now.

So I spend my time doing very simple things like walking, being silent, looking at the natural beauty and spending time with my family and precious....

We run so fast and so much to realize then that the most important things are the simple ones...

I wish you a wonderful summer full of LOVE and LIGHT.......

See you soon with all my heart.

19 LUGLIO 2011



Buongiorno cari amici, sono in ITALIA in questo momento , nella bellissima Italia , il paese dove sono nata e cresciuta, per un po di riposo e concerti.

E un momento di riconnessione e un momento per onorare il mio passato con le belle e meno belle memorie , tutto cio che viviamo ci rende cio che siamo diventato oggi.

Quindi passo il mio tempo facendo belle passeggiate, osservando la natura, rimanendo in silenZio e spendendo tempo con la mia famiglia e amici......talmente preZioso.

Corriamo attraverso la vita cosi velocemente che spesso non ci rendiamo conto che le cose piu importanti sono le piu semplici....

Vi auguro un estate piena di LUCE E AMORE.....Con tutto il mio cuore

A presto.....

JUNE 3, 2011



Welcome my dear friends on my new web site.

I am deeply honoured of your presence and I thank you with all my heart to give me the chance  to sing for you.

It has been a long, beautiful, sometimes hard, but always a heartfull journey from my first album LIKE A DREAM, released in April 2004, to my fifth album ELYSIUM, released in May 2011.

I lived many personal experiences, I sang all over the world in front of millions of beautiful people and I tried to be myself more and more and to share with you the MAGIC OF MUSIC......

Thank you for listening to my music and I wish you to find inside of you, every day, more who you really are and to be so proud of yourself, how you really are ....

We are LOVE, we are LIGHT, it is only up to us to remember....

with all my heart.



Benvenuti cari amici nel mio nuovo sito web, sono profondamente onorata della tua presenza e grazie con tutto il mio cuore di darmi la possibilita di cantare per te.

E stato lungo , bellissimo ,  a volte difficile ma sempre pieno di amore  il viaggio che ho vissuto dalla realizzazzione del mio primo album LIKE A DREAM uscito nell aprile 2004 al mio quinto album ELYSIUM uscito nel maggio 2011.

Ho vissuto molte esperienze , cantato un po ovunque nel mondo di fronte a milioni di bellissime persone e ho cercato di essere sempre me stessa e di condividere con te la MAGIA DELLA MUSICA....

Grazie di ascoltare la mia musica e ti auguro di scoprire ogni giorno di piu la bellezza che si trova dentro di te ...

siamo fatti di LUCE e AMORE ...ed e nostro compito ricordarlo.

con tutto il mio cuore



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MAY 17TH 2011

I am on my way to Toronto to be featured on CTV - Canada AM this Wednesday, May 18th - live on air at about 8h45. While in Toronto, I will be doing a photoo shoot with UNCHARTERED SOUNDS magazine and also with acclaimed fashion designer Thien Le for VIET SUN and MUDD magazines.

My new album ELYSIUM is finally out and charted at No. 4 in the first week of release in the Canadian Classical Crossover Chart. Thank you all for your continued support.

I will keep you posted with more news! Stay tuned!

Peace and light and ELYSIUM.

Giorgia Fumanti