Through the ages, artists have often invoked images of heaven, sometimes even ofparadise. But only a rarified few have ventured into the world of Elysium, the fabledland of the heroic and pure first described by Homer in his epic poem, The Odyssey. Yes, Elysium is exactly the place one could properly discover the celestial voice of GIORGIA

Italian-born soprano Giorgia Fumanti first garnered attention as a soloist in the church choir in Aulla, an 800-year-old spiritual gathering place located in Tuscany — a region known not only for its glorious wines but also for its rich artistic legacy. Inspired by vivid childhood memories of her grandmother's lullabies, this former law student, yoga instructor and certified Reiki Master went on to study voice at Italy's esteemed Conservatorio di Musica Arrigo Boito in Parma.

Following a series of savvy career moves and serendipitous opportunities that catapulted her above the fray, Giorgia made her first major label recording in 2007. From My Heart landed her a coveted position on Billboard's Top 20 classical crossover chart, attained the #1 position in Japan and South Africa, and established the young artist as a crossover success unafraid to tackle material from Puccini to Ennio Morricone, and Sting to Sarah MacLachlan

An equally important aspect of Giorgia’ s burgeoning career as a singer / composer is her role as producer, a rare title for a woman, especially in the classical realm. Giorgia honed her skills under the tutelage of such notable composer/producers as Vangelis ("Chariots of Fire", "Blade Runner", "Alexander") and Craig Leon (Sting, Blondie, Joshua Bell) —in other words, learning from some of the best in both the classical and pop worlds. “ To
sing for me is like to pray,” said Giorgia,” It is the easiest way to contact my heart, my soul, the magic and the mysterious inside world. Music is my expression, my research, my friend and the channelling of love and light.”

In just four short years, Giorgia has journeyed around the globe, from North America to the Far East and back again, earning her legions of ardent fans. She has joined in concert a host of classical superstars including Greek tenor Mario Frangoulis, Chinese baritone

Liao Chang Yong, the great José Carreras and Lang Lang.. The world of popular music has also embraced Giorgia, as she's been invited to share stages in some of the world's most prestigious venues with such pop icons as Michael Bolton, Wei Wei, Zucchero, Han Hong and Lucio Dalla

And it's not just who Giorgia's performed with, it's for whom and where she's performed in her brief but impressive career: at the 2011 Chinese New Year Spring Festival in Beijing; for Nobel Peace Prize winner and former U.S. Vice President, Al Gore, at his 2007 Climate Group; at the Beijing Olympics in 2008; and, in 2010, at both the World Expo in Shanghai, as well as the Tashir Music Awards, broadcast live from the Kremlin in Moscow. And proving beyond a
shadow of a doubt that she is composed of a mettle far stronger than that of the average artist, in 2008, Giorgia performed flawlessly at the Chinese New Year All Star Concert — broadcast worldwide to an audience of over 1 billion people.

With a passport that bears stamps from dozens of romantic countries, this striking globetrotter now calls Montreal, Canada, her home. “ Even if I was born in Italy as a human being, I was born in Montreal, Canada as a professional singer,’ said Giorgia, “ it is in this beautiful cosmopolitan and unique city that I started my career and where my music dream became a reality.”

Witness now the release of Giorgia's fifth recording ELYSIUM. With songs written by David Foster, ABBA, John Barry, Lionel Ritchie, Ennio Morricone and Puccini, she adds to the vast musical territory she's already covered, in a sumptuous style that is indeed her own. "I mean to touch and inspire people with these songs — songs filled with images of the moon and stars, messages of hope, of peace and, most important, love. I hope I've succeeded in creating a unique kind of magic with Elysium…I invite you to tell me everything it makes you feel." Giorgia Fumanti